Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Richard Prince, Art Thief!

I saw a report on the artist Richard Prince.He is known for taking other peoples photos, making slight alterations and calling them his own. Currently, he has a big show of work he took from Instagram. He has taken photos he has found on Instagram (all women, I think), added short comments and has blown them up and printed them on large canvases. The images end up being in the range of 3 feet x 4 feet. here is an article from the Washington Post on The Thief:

By the way, his images are for sale for $90,000!

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  1. The high end art world likes to make a show of being sophisticated intellectuals but there is a great deal of sham and scam up there on Mount Olympus. Originality and creativity often degenerate into showmanship and this sort of parasitism. Oh well, look at the customers: CEO types and 1%ers -- these folk are anything but the sort of people that know that art is.