Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fallbrook Sunset

1957 screw mount Leica Summar 28mm f5.6 lens on a M9 digital body.  No post processing beyond exposure and contrast adjustment in the RAW converter and levels adjustment in Photoshop.  This oldie lens has a very interesting vignette when wide open at 5.6

Above with 50% Luminosity filtration.  I would typically do this for the final image but I wanted to show the less manipulated version.


  1. Nice, Jon! I like the composition and it is interesting to see what an oldie but goodie can do! ( I am talking about your old lens, not the photographer!)

  2. I see little difference with the luminosity filtration. Nice shot, nice vignette.

  3. The luminosity is pretty subtle at 50% but quickly turned gross at higher intensities.