Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the Curl

Some action too!!

Up, Up and Away

It looks like this site needs some color!!!

Seattle Skyscraper

Since we seem to still be in the gray scale, I post a shot I took of an interestingly shaped building in Seattle. The odd corner sticks out like the prow of a ship.

Jon's shot reminded me of the twinkly lights on the bottom of this one, one of my favorite shots I have taken of structure.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Speed Graphic

Bob Feuerstein brought over these two 4 x 5 cameras today for me to explore and play with. Bob is a graduate of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara and has made his living as a professional photographer for several decades. He worked in the Los Angeles District Attorney's office for eighteen years and now works for either the city or county of San Diego. He has shot a lot of stuff including forensic work and has a wealth of knowledge.

I am going to get some plates and try to think of some cool shots with the View Graphic. Bob tells me that the Ilex lens, made by Eastman, was very good. The camera has a long bellows that can be adjusted to solve problems of parallax.

These cameras were all built to last and precisely engineered and manufactured. It is a pleasure to hold them. They still appear to be totally functional. Wonder if any modern day nikon or canon can last sixty or seventy years and still look this good?

Bear medicine


Ken Seals was nice enough to alert me to a $119.00 special on Amazon for Adobe Lightroom last month. I received it the other day and upgraded to version 3.4 and decided to hit a dead stop. My normal setup has been to bring jpeg fine images into iphoto. I right click my mac mouse and send them to my preferred external editor, Photoshop CS3.

With Lightroom in the chain, I guess I will be saying goodbye to iphoto. This old dog will have to learn new tricks. I have had limited experience shooting and processing RAW. I know that it will require a lot more memory. I wonder if the advantages will be worth it for me? Or do I need to necessarily shoot in RAW? Are there any advantages in shooting in Nikon's RAW/JPEG combo?

Should I import my 28,000 iphoto library en masse or selectively import my best work into lightroom? Ken is coming over monday and going to help tutor me and set me up.

First Shot

© Robert Sommers

This blog is for members of our local Fallbrook photography community and anyone else that would like to participate. Many of us have been hanging around Cafe Primo on Saturday mornings, looking at gear and material and talking shop. Thomas Sauerwein and I were bouncing around the idea of putting up a blog this morning. It can be a place to communicate with each other and show our work. A place to ask questions. There is no leader and no rules, except normal decency, propriety and basic civility. We can make it readable by anyone (the setting at present) or we can make it accessible only by us. It is our consensual call.

The title was Tom's idea, I am semi cool with it, even though there are not a lot of jewish rednecks.

Blogger is easy to post and upload photos too. You are encouraged to post your shots, review, critique and shpiel on any photographic matters that you find interesting. Make sure that you identify yourself in your post. If you have never posted to a blog and need help, just ask.  Let's see if we can run with this.